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Three awesome types of lipsticks to TAT2 your lips!

ABOUT TAT2U: They started out as a Body Art + Accessories line of temp tats,pens,etc. which has grown into now twelve different types of products,in a wide range in each one!

This then went in the TAT2U Extreme Color cosmetics line!  This full line of cosmetics includes 11 different product types! The packaging,as I stated in the first review, is exactly like the “high end, black, soft packaging.”  The art work, designs, and product names are uniquely their own,

NO ANIMAL TESTING/ 100% CRUELTY FREE!There have been no animal testing on our finished goods after September 11th, 2004 and there have been no animal testing on our raw materials after March 11th, 2009.We have “No Animal Testing” Declarations from our raw material vendors. We manufacture our own goods and we do not test on animals.  We can provide you with  our declaration signed by our Director of Quality Assurance.We do not sell into the Chinese market and as accorded by our declaration of a No Animal Testing Policy we will not do so.” This was sent directly from TAT2U to me.

They are also made here in the USA!

From the top:  This is the Matte Lipstick line. A true matte lipstick with shea butter,sunflower seed oil,olive oil,orange oil,to also treat your lips, while still giving you a true matte finish! Personally, this stayed on for over 24 hours, with me removing at night, it still left a pretty red color. This is True Blood, a deep-reddish plum on the cool side, which I love!  Matte comes in 12 bold colors from fuchsia to deep orange to deep purple!

Second is their Lipstick (creams and pearls). The one shown is HUSH, a pink beige cream. It goes on like butter! Also with sunflower oil and shea butter. This line comes in 12 luscious colors!

Third is the Lip Creme Extreme. Made like a lipgloss but with full, shiny coverage.This is a gorgeous red called Hearts & Roses. These come in 6 shade and are highly pigmented. They lasted over 12 hours without using any type of lip primer or foundation underneath ANY of the three lipsticks! It has shea butter,olive oil as well, along with Cupuacu Seed Butter from Brazil. All of these as in their other lipsticks, promotes smoothness,softness,boosts moisture, promotes elastin and collagen in the skin.

Please go and check out their fabulous line of both Body Art and Color Extreme lines!


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Man Cave is a excellent men’s grooming line! My first review was of the Lemon & Oak Shower Gel, which my husband has already ask me to order! If you didn’t see the review, please check it out!

As I said about my husband before, he is a heavy machinery mechanic. Who comes home covered head to toe! He is also EXTREMELY PICKY! So for the facial scrub, it took some coaxing to say the least, due to he has a beard and mustache.



This is a nickle size of the scrub. Which was plenty.

It is 100% all natural, which includes:Olive Stone ,Horse Chestnut Extract,Aloe Vera Extract,Grape Seed Oil,Zinc PCA, and L-Arginine.The company belongs to Natural Defense and THE LEEPING BUNNY organizations! VEGAN Friendly! 

SCENT: A warm, nutty,a little sweet like honey,and refreshing! Which he also really liked.

As you can see in the close-up picture, this is a fine scrub. So it worked wonderfully with facial hair. No problems at all rinsing it out. In his words he said that “He felt clean,with a refreshing feeling without feeling like his skin was dry or tight.” He uses it daily!

As with the shower gel, this facial scrub is a product any man will actually feel good and enjoy how their skin feels afterwards!

Man Cave is a line that he is going to stay with! He normally used a “name brand” shower gel, and this is a FIRST to use a facial scrub!

This is a complete grooming line. With more products under development. For the manly man, like my husband,to the man that uses these types of products already but isn’t natural! Get them to just try it and that’s all it takes! Period! For men of any age, teens to older, they will LOVE it! Not to mention, it’s a great gift set!


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